April 14, 2011

Why not save for 2012?

Have you noticed the last minute planning isn’t working so well anymore? Flights have gotten too expensive, and hotel space fills up too. Why not plan ahead and save big?

Book your 2012 travel before May 31st, 2011 for significant savings as well as months of delicious anticipation and peace of mind. Did you know if you buy a flight right now from Chicago to Costa Rica for February 2012, the cost is about $500. If you wait until November, the same flight will cost you $1500 or more! Booking early could potentially save you a $1,000 per person on your air. Really!

It’s pretty simple: Plan ahead so you can take advantage of our discounts as well as better airfare.

Want some examples? OK: If you book a 2012 trip by May 31, 2011: for our Costa Rica Multi-Sport Adventure, we’ll give you $200 off per person; Ecuador and the Galapagos adventures, we’ll give you $300 off per person; Tanzania Family Safari, we’ll give you $500 off per person! Our flagship destination, this is an award winning adventure. In 2011 we’re celebrating 30 years in Tanzania! Don’t miss this personal and unique opportunity to discover Tanzania.

We have early booking discounts available on all departures to all destinations in 2012. Please note, these discounts are so spectacular that they cannot be used in combination with other discounts except for large group refunds (when they may apply).

This year we’ve already had many disappointed families hoping for a last minute vacation that couldn’t materialize. Plan now and get it right!

Again, our the rules:

Travel must be booked with deposit paid by May 31, 2011.

Discount is off the 2012 prices.

Discount cannot be used in conjunction with a travel survey, past guest reward or first family booked discount.

Discount is only valid on new bookings.

Travelers will be called and matched to a date when the 2012 dates and prices are announced – in the summer of 2011

Travelers must confirm their dates by August 31st, 2011.

If there is not a suitable 2012 date, your deposit is fully refundable.

Call us now! 800-262-6255

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6 Responses to “Why not save for 2012?”

  1. Susan Steier says:

    We are interested in the 2012 Alaska trip. We will be bringing 5 adults, a 13 year-old and an 11-year old. We are interested in the travel discount you are offering. Please advise on what your anticipated per person discount would be for this trip. Thank you.

  2. Ann Hill says:

    I know you don’t have the dates or rates finalized for 2012, but do you have any idea how many dates and a timeframe (which months) for the Thailand itinerary and will the price be something similar to this year, within a couple of hundred dollars possibly? Thanks!

  3. Ann Hill says:

    Thanks, Moo. I wish we could join! We already have another trip for this summer booked and paid in full and we happen to return home around midnight on July 8. So don’t think we can manage this year. But it’s definitely on the list for next summer.

  4. Carrolleigh Cecile says:

    We would love to pre-book and pay for the Egypt trip that we missed out on this March school break! Is it possible for you to tell me if it could be booked for the week of March 10-17, 2012. There would be 2 adults and 2 teens (15/17).

  5. Sabrina Lange says:

    Any guess on dates for the Turkey trip in 2012? 3 Adults with 2 children (age 12 and 9). Also please email the deposit amount required for this trip. Thanks!

  6. Sabrina Lange says:

    What is the deposit for 2 (1 adult, 1 child) for Baja (the 2/2012 schedule)?

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