November 29, 2010

Full Hearts: A Family Adventure

Abundance and Thanksgiving

A few days post Thanksgiving – for those of you who celebrate – the stuffing is polished off, the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher is emptied, the turkey soup is simmering on the stove. Every year there are Thanksgiving Family Adventures that become the stories and memories that star in your future celebrations. Tell us about yours.

Everything was perfect, or nothing at all worked like you planned. But didn’t you love it anyway? Maybe a new recipe was awful, maybe the dog grabbed the turkey leg. The cat licked the gravy. Maybe the jalapeno cranberry relish was so delicious it will show up every year. It rained, or snowed, or the sun burned bright in a clear blue sky. Was it so hot you didn’t want to turn on the oven? Maybe elderly Aunt Betty fell asleep over the pie. Maybe you had a wonderful surprise when someone you didn’t expect showed up to embrace you. You stayed home, or you traveled; you never left the house or you sat in traffic. You stayed up so late to brave Black Friday shopping, or you went afternoon bowling to make room for dessert.

However things went, planned or not, did you gather with friends and family? Keep your eye on gratitude and thankfulness? Not just for the third Thursday in November, but how about the weekend. How about our whole lives? Tell us what you did.

Whether you’re in Costa Rica or Chicago, St Louis or the Galapagos Islands, Sonoma or Cairo, don’t forget to cherish your every day family adventures.

Tell us what you’re doing!

March 1, 2010

Mouse Stories

Cordless Mouse in its natural setting

This event happened awhile back, but frankly I needed some distance before being able to talk about it. (And we wanted to be sure we had Kirsten signed on before she heard about it!). It’s true, we had a mouse problem at the office. Now I love little critters and fully support all animals’ rights to good food and clean water. Just not if they’re going to leave their footprints all over my DESK.

First we noticed maybe some of the dog food we have around the office was getting pilfered over night. Then we noticed several quite bold mice strolling around the office during business hours. This was not sanctioned by management AT ALL. We set out traps, but truthfully trying to work with a dead mouse peering out from behind the computer monitor – that wasn’t so effective. In fact, that may have been my personal last straw. Even Jessie, Henry, and Benson – the office dogs – were none too pleased.

If they had been a bit tidier or even a tiny bit more subtle we might not have had to call in the exterminator. But alas these mice were not holding any respect for our work environment.

Enter professional burly men with flashlights, wait a few days and…voila! No more mice.

That we can see anyway.

January 31, 2010

A Winter Fable

Jessie in warmer days

Jessie in warmer days

As I was walking Jessie this afternoon, just one more bitter cold Sunday, I was remembering an incident we had a couple of winters ago. It reminded me that some adventures are small and close to home, and we do not have to count on international travel to provide us with experiences that make us wonder.

Winter 2008, and Jessie and I were out on a walk around the block; it was cold and snowy and the sidewalks were icy. It was probably right around the time I thought to myself ” Amazing I have not fallen yet” that I did just that. (Actually I think I was also remembering the time when I was running down a different slippery sidewalk with my baby in my arms and I fell, tossing the heavily swaddled bundle of joy into a snow bank where he luckily had a safe landing. But I digress.)

This time many years later there was nothing as precious as a baby in my arms, but I *had* been carrying a neatly knotted plastic bag containing Jessie’s ‘business’. My arms flailed wildly as I was going down (and trying hard not to land on Jessie) and that bag was flung like a shot put …somewhere. When I got up and dusted off, with mostly only my pride wounded, I could not find that bag anywhere. I searched high and low but with no luck. I’m afraid it might have gone into the crowded bed of the pick up truck parked on the street, and that poor guy would come across it and wonder who would do that kind of thing to him, and why.

Well OK this is not a really exciting story, but it is one of those things I wonder about on occasion. Where did that bad of poop go???

What’s one of your small adventures that fills you with wonder?