January 19, 2011

Nancy is in Morocco!

Fez Morocco, at the medina

Nancy at the medina entrance in Fez

Nancy is exploring in Morocco. Ok, so we are mighty jealous. Boston is cold, damp, and slushy. Morocco is exotic, warmish, and exciting. So we hang on every photo, every report she sends us.

Thomson Family Adventures offers an awesome summer itinerary, hiking in the High Atlas Mountains.. but if you prefer something desert-ish, including Fez, just give us a call at 800-262-6255.

We love planning our personal, custom adventures too, and Nancy is collecting a lot of first hand experience to share. Get onboard!

December 28, 2010

The Thrill of Alaska!

Just remembering Aimee’s amazing kayak adventure in Alaska a couple of years ago. You can do this too!

June 24, 2010

BAJA: Top Five Reasons – plus one more

Underwater play

There are many reasons Baja Mexico is an adventurous family’s delight. Maybe you haven’t considered it, but here are some reasons why you should:

1) It’s a breeze to get to, with nonstops from Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Phoenix – and more?

2) We sweep you away from the chaos of Cabo and up into the peaceful and relaxing environs of Todos Santos – such beauty!

3) Everyone knows the guide makes the trip – our TFA guide in Baja is no exception.

4) Boredom doesn’t live here: Spend your days surfing, tidepooling, hiking, and horseback riding. Kayak in crystal clear water, and snorkel with curious sea lions by your side!

5) In February come see the whales migrating through – it is said they’ll look you right in the eye and they glide by!

6) Become a language mentor, and help teach local children English while learning about their lives.

We could say more, but isn’t this enough??

May 7, 2010

Dogs, Puppies, and Us

Benson, the Thomson Dachshund

Thomson Family Adventures is a dog friendly office. Henry, Benson, and Jessie hang out there on a regular basis, and other dogs like Hank visit on occasion. Having the dogs with us is comforting and reassuring in so many ways. Mostly we slave on the computers and phones through the work day while the dogs drape themselves over the leather sofa in the reception area or enjoy a sunbath in the front window. And then they perk up at lunch time which usually produces a snack or two.

But sometimes, once in awhile, these dogs get called into service. A tough phone call, a difficult moment, a hard day. Maybe we reach for the leash to go for a walk. Maybe we reach for the dog for a cuddle. Either way I’d bet 100% of the people in this office are so glad we have these warm happy pups to share our day with.

And now – welcome to Ridgeback Brown, Nancy’s new pup and the latest addition to our stable. We can’t wait to meet him, though we hope he gets a name before he moves to his forever home next week. Stay tuned!