March 12, 2011

Welcome to Adventure Paradise

This is a tree monkey – get it?

Today we had an excellent breakfast of scrambled eggs covered in ranchero sauce. After wandering through town we experimented with relaxing by the pool where we discovered just how important towel folding is in Cabo. Note our friend, the Tree Monkey.

It was nice to have a day to ourselves but mostly we were just ready to get the adventure started. We have not been disappointed!

Everyone met up in time for a bite to eat and a dip in the pool before loading up the 2 big vans for the journey to Todos Santos. We were humming along the “federal highway’ (narrow two lane road) discussing everything from whales to cactus to where the cattle graze, when with a sudden raparaparapa WHOOSH… we lost a tire. What this means in Baja is the outer tread gets whipped clean off the tire and flies away (and hopefully does not hit the guy behind you.)

Sergio was not to be flustered. He most cheerfully hopped out of the vehicle to change the tire, giving us all a useful lesson in how to loosen the lug nuts before jacking up the car (stay tuned for video). We were back on the road in a jiffy, only to discover that flapping hose we saw when the tire was off was in fact the water hose and not the a/c line.

And guess what, NO EXTRA CHARGE for all this spontaneous adventure!

Now we pile the bags and most of the people into our remaining, working van. Mira stayed behind with Sergio partly to be a mascot but mostly because we did not have a seat for her. Help was on the way, or so they said…. the rest of us whisked away and left them in a cloud of dust.

Look where I am now – in Paradise! Hurry, Mira, the sun is setting into the ocean and it is gorgeous…

This must be paradise

Welcome to paradise!

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