September 22, 2017

5 Best Things About Taking a Family Vacation to Israel

Israel is a great place for a family vacation. This may sound like an unconventional family vacation destination, but it’s quite the opposite in fact! From ancient ruins and historic sites to diverse climates and adventures from skiing to snorkeling, Israel has something for everyone. Whatever kind of family vacation you want, you can find it in Israel!

Israel, a great place for a family vacation

Explore Different Climates

Despite being the size of the state of New Jersey, the little country of Israel has an extremely diverse landscape from the Mediterranean Coast to the Jordanian border. There is the bustling metropolitan city of Tel Aviv on the coast of a picturesque Mediterranean beach, but if you travel two hours up your family will be in the lush greenery of the nature reserves of the north. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Mt. Hermon (the only place to ski in all of Israel!) or float down the rapids of the Jordan River. Travel two hours south, and arrive at the historic hilltop city of Jerusalem. This windy city is covered in gorgeous Jerusalem stone that dates back thousands of years in some areas. Travel a little further south and your family will come to the epic Negev desert! From the salty water of the Dead Sea to the sandy dunes of the desert, you will be shocked to think you are just a few hours from the lush north. There are very few places that have such diverse geography within such a small piece of land. There is a perfect climate for everyone in the family!

Learn About Modern Technological Advances

Despite what many people may think, Israel is a global leader in technological, medical, and agricultural innovation! Known as the ‘Start-Up Nation,’ many electronics we use daily, like our phone and computer, contain Israeli innovation in their hardware. The popular Navigation App, Waze, was created by an Israeli start-up and bought by Google to incorporate into their self-driving car technology. Israeli hospitals and doctors have also made great contributions to the medical world. One of these inventions is a mechanical exoskeleton that helps paraplegics move independently. Probably one of the most famous contributions Israel has made to the rest of the world is the drip irrigations system that began as a home invention in an Kibbutz in the north of the country. It is now used worldwide and saves between 30%-70% of the water wasted by other farm watering systems.

Discover its Culture

Israel also has a great diversity of people. People living in this beautiful land come from all sorts backgrounds, cultures, and religions. There are Jews, Christians, Muslims, Druze, Baha’is, and Bedouins to name a few. There are people of Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, Yugoslavian, Russian, and African decent all over the country. One of the most interesting populations is the continuously growing Ethiopian Jewish population of religious refugees and their children who have found a welcoming home in Israel.  The city of Haifa is considered the pioneering city of coexistence in the Middle East with a strong representation of almost all types of Israelis and a focus on community interaction, empowerment, and coordination.

enjoy a family vacation to israel

Learn About its History

There is no denying the rich and complicated history of this small nation. The city of Jerusalem is a globally historic landmark dating back to Biblical times. With its relevance in the Bible and Quran this land is packed with spiritual and traditional meaning, not to mention the many empires that have called it home since the start of human civilization. It is hard to turn around without seeing an important historic site. Israel takes great pride in the land’s history and includes much of this in its educational curriculum. Israel’s people and institutions work hard to use the lessons it has learned from the past to uphold strong societal values today.

western wall seen on an Israel family vacation

Taste the Delicious Cuisine

Finally, hands down, one of the best part of taking a family vacation to Israel is the food. There are very few words to describe the joy that is a true homemade Israeli meal. With influences from Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East, Israeli food is truly amazing. It’s not hard to find a mouthwatering Falafel (deep fried chick pea balls), Shwarma (slow cooked chicken or pork on a rotating skewer) or Sabich (eggplant sandwich) at any local market. A popular breakfast favorite is the classic Shakshuka (Egg poached in a tomato and pepper paste served with bread). Of course, the best way to end a long hot Israeli day is with some delicious ice cream at one of the many Ice cream shops, called “gliderias,” across the country.

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