April 28, 2017

Which Galapagos Family Vacation is Best for You?

The “Galapagos” has been one of the most popular destinations asked about since Thomson Family Adventures started offering trips for families in 1998, and with good reason. This unique volcanic archipelago is home to numerous marine species, birds, volcanic rocks, and gorgeous scenery.  An idyllic destination for families, kids and parents alike are fascinated by something when they visit.

photo of the skyline taken on a family vacation to the Galapagos

There are a lot of different ways to experience a Galapagos family vacation and looking at all the options can be overwhelming at first.  The first question is if your family wants to visit just the islands, or do they want to also experience the culture and people of mainland Ecuador.  Our Friends Across Borders program here is one of the best, along with incredible hiking, cooking lessons, and some of the nicest people you will have the pleasure of meeting!   Several itineraries combine the best of both options with 3 nights in the Andean Highlands and 3 nights in the Galapagos Islands.

Your next decision is how you want to experience the Galapagos themselves.  Many people opt for a cruise, allowing you to unpack once and settle in.  Because the boat moves throughout the days, it allows your family to see the maximum numbers of islands in a short time.  However, it is good to know that the boats have to adhere to strict guidelines set by the national parks.  So the visits to the islands are limited in time and activity.  On average there are (2) excursions daily, each about 2.5 hours long.  The remainder of the time will be spent on the boat.  Be ready to spend some time on a boat and don’t expect to be active for 8-10 hours a day when seeing the Galapagos on a family cruise.

Alternatively, your family can choose a land based Galapagos vacation. The amenities may be more limited but there is much more flexibility in terms of activities. While you may not see as many islands compared to a boat trip, you will see so much more of the one or two islands you do visit.  Activities can be more active such as biking, longer hikes, and snorkeling in more remote parts.

However you choose to experience this amazing destination your family will be amazed.  Call and speak with one of our family travel advisers to help find out which Galapagos adventure is best for you and your family!

4 Responses to “Which Galapagos Family Vacation is Best for You?”

  1. Carolyn Ratcliffe says:

    We (family of 10) loved our land based Galapagos trip. We were out every day in small boats to visit islands without encountering other boats. We swam, snorkeled, picnicked, and loved seeing the animals at our own pace. Our guide was engaging and well versed in the history, animals, and lore of both the islands and our inland journey to Cuenca. A wonderful family trip!

  2. BETTY BERNARD says:

    We have a family of 10 – that has 5 young people 14-24 yrs. all swimmers and good travelers.

  3. Nick Biblis says:

    Great! If you’d like to look into one of these adventures for your family please let us know!

  4. Nick Biblis says:

    We’re so happy you enjoyed your trip!

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