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December 28, 2010

Winter Storms and Why We Include Travel Insurance

The Beauty of a Blizzard

The dichotomy of a blizzard: It is beautiful, but at the holidays it is sure to ruin a lot of travel plans.

This particular holiday season was a traveler’s nightmare. In a small window of time we saw no fewer than 35 people lose their family holiday travel plans due to snowstorms, flight cancellations, and unexpected illness. That’s a lot of non refundable money!

You spend a lot of time, thought, and dollars on choosing your family adventure – you can’t let the unexpected ruin it. Whether it’s weather, or health, or even a home flood or fire, you have to protect your investment.

At Thomson Family Adventures, we know no one really likes to invest in insurance because it’s something you don’t want until you need it. And of course then it is too late. So we include comprehensive trip cancellation insurance in all of our adventures. And guess what? That insurance will reimburse all 35 of those disappointed travelers.

Sure there are procedures and paperwork to follow – but this really does help take the sting out of the unexpected. Getting your money back also gives you opportunity to recreate your adventure for another time. Like in the spring when it doesn’t blizzard…

What’s the fine print, what’s the catch you ask? For no additional cost we include trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance up to $8,000 per person, land and air cost. In addition, our insurance covers for a number of other losses or damages, including issues with baggage, medical expenses, and emergency medical evacuation.

When you travel with Thomson, you’ll always be in good hands not just leading up to your trip, but while on your trip as well. We try to think of everything! We hand-select guides in every locale, and work closely with these local operators to ensure they adhere to the high standards we promise our guests.

Have any questions? Just give us a call, or send an email. We’d be happy to provide you with more details about our reputable travel protection services.

Oh, and if you’re not traveling with Thomson, be sure to add on the cost of travel insurance to your travel plans!

Where did you get stuck this year?