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Croatia: Mediterranean Multi-Sport Adventure


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Imagine a place where turquoise water caresses medieval stone walls, and robust fortresses look out upon the sea and bright blue sky. Imagine immense canyons cut exquisitely out of scenic river valleys, and pine forests dotting rocky hillsides
Picture hidden cave beaches, brilliant lakes bordered by mountains, and towns where Gothic chapels coexist with the ruins of 4th-century Roman palaces
Now open your eyes and pinch yourself – you’re not dreaming, and this place actually exists
Visit Croatia with your kids! Croatia is a stunningly beautiful nation on the Mediterranean’s Adriatic Sea, where thousands of years of history converge and form a unique culture at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Central Europe, and the Balkan Peninsula. 
Come discover this fantasy locale on foot, via zip line, and by kayak, speedboat, bike, and even go-cart. Bring your family to Croatia and find out just how beautiful the world can be. 
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06/18 - 06/26 $5,990 $5,490 $4,990
07/09 - 07/17 $5,990 $5,490 $4,990
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Child Discount: $100 per child under 12

Triple Discount: $200 for children under 12 sharing with 2 adults

Alumni Discount: if you are a returning Thomson guest, please subtract $500 per family from these prices

Price includes: Accommodations based on two to a room, land transportation, private bi-lingual guide throughout, most meals, bottled water & snacks in the vehicle, Comprehensive Travel Insurance.

Prices are per person and based on the number of people in your party.

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Days 1-2 - Depart Home / Arrive Croatia

Welcome to Croatia! Prepare to be wowed by this up-and-coming jewel of the Adriatic Sea! With ancient ruins, turquoise waters, striking mountain and island landscapes, and a unique convergence of Mediterranean, Central European, and Balkan cultures, this place is an unforgettable heaven on earth. 

Days 3-4 - Dubrovnik

The Dalmatian coastal city of Dubrovnik is steeped in rich history -- itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- and offers scenery unlike anywhere in the world. Fortified walls elevate medieval fortresses above the stunning surrounding sea, and idyllic islands and caves hide in lagoons and remote corners.    


  • Explore the city on foot 
  • Visit the Maritime Museum and Rector's Palace
  • Optional walk to the Walls of Dubrovnik 
  • Play a game with the children's local Croatian pen pals
  • Kayak around the surrounding waters and islands
  • Snorkel at the hidden cave beach of Betina 
  • Wander around Dubrovnik's Old Town 
Days 5-8 - Split

Head to Split, a remarkably attractive city with thousands of years of interesting history. Built around the 4-century palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, Split has been ruled by Byzantines, Venetians, and others... and the influences show in the culture, cuisine, and architecture of this fairytale city. 


  • Traverse Split on foot, seeing palaces, and much more
  • Or, bike a shoreline route past beaches, and hillside forest
  • Whip around a winding track on speedy go-carts
  • Cruise the Adriatic by speedboat
  • Snorkel in crystal-clear waters
  • Take some photos in the historic center of Trogir 
  • Zip line through a vast river canyon
Day 9 - Depart Croatia
Excelsior - Dubrovnik

Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik has been an iconic landmark since its opening in 1913. The newly renovated, five-star hotel is located in the old part of the city, just minutes from Dubrovnik’s Old Town and offers gorgeous views. The hotel includes 158 comfortable rooms, 3 restaurants, fitness center, swimming pool, private beach, and wireless internet.

Radisson Blu Resort, Split

Ideally located, the Radisson Blu Resort is only 3 km from the city center and steps from the coastline of the Adriatic Sea. Along with its 250 modern rooms, amenities include free wireless internet, spa fitness center, indoor & outdoor pools, and 3 restaurants.

Why Croatia?

History of Dubrovnik and Split
There are very few places as steeped in colorful history as Croatia. The charming cities of Dubrovnik and Split – both of which you'll actively explore on foot or by bicycle – feature amazing remnants of distinct periods in time. In Dubrovnik, the 15-century Gothic-Renaissance Rector's Palace stands proud, along with other palaces and forts, and an elegant cathedral built atop the ruins of a 12-century church. High and sturdy defensive stone walls line the city, as they have since the 8th century. And along the narrow cobblestone streets of Split, Gothic chapels sit next to neighboring pre-Romanesque churches. In the center of the city, you'll find the elaborate 4th-century palace built for the Roman emperor Diocletian, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Unbelievable Mediterranean scenery
The beauty of Croatia's Dalmatian Coast – caressed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean's Adriatic Sea – can't even begin to be captured by words. Dramatic cliffs overlook expanses of ocean, hidden cave beaches and lagoons await exploration, and Mediterranean pine forests cover picturesque hillsides. This country looks like the product of a wide-eyed dreamer's fanciful imagination. But believe it or not, it's real.
Culture and cuisine
Croatia is nestled at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and Central Europe. Its location makes for a unique culture benefiting from various distinct influences. From the art, music, and architecture, to the cuisine built around abundant meat and incredibly fresh seafood and vegetables, countless elements spanning thousands of years make for a true cultural gem.

Why with Thomson?

Variety of activities 
When you travel to Croatia with Thomson, you have the chance to do it all. Traverse picture-perfect landscapes on foot and by bicycle, swim and snorkel at Mediterranean beaches, navigate the Adriatic by kayak and speedboat, zip line across a vast river canyon, and even whip around a winding track via go-cart.
Sampling of locations
 There’s a lot to see in Croatia. We use Dubrovnik and Split as bases for your family to explore endless Dalmatian coastal charms. You’ll see plenty of those two cities themselves, plus surrounding islands and towns like medieval Ston, the idyllic islands of Veli Drvenik and Šolta, the stunning town of Omiš, and Trogir, whose city center is quite rightfully a UNESCO World Heritage Site.