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We offer 1 Cuba Family Vacation

Cuba is a life-changing destination so few have had the opportunity to experience, where 18th century fortresses overlook picturesque bays, and ’57 Chevys roll down narrow, palm-lined colonial streets. Due to government restrictions, Cuba has remained cloaked in mystery for those that haven’t had the pleasure to visit, often seen as a forbidden traveler’s paradise to many families. Well those days are over!  We’re proud to offer the first vacation to Cuba exclusively for families.

This is a Thomson adventure like no other – we’re focusing on connecting with and learning from the local people and their families. Although U.S. government requirements don’t allow for the level of freedom of choice found throughout our other family adventures, visiting Cuba is a once-in-a-lifetime experience where the reward for sticking to the program is something you definitely won’t regret. Bring your children to Cuba on a family vacation and introduce them to an amazing society in the middle of an historic cultural revival! 

What you could get with a Thomson Family experience:

  • Guaranteed Departures and Insurance Included
  • Family Group Adventures
  • Custom or Private Trips
  • Unique Friends Across Borders Experience
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  • Experience the culture firsthand at the many people-to-people connections 
  • Learn how to play dominoes from local experts
  • Baseball is the national sport - either attend a national game or have a change to play yourselves