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Family Vacation Destinations

Family Vacation Destinations
At Thomson Family Adventures we offer a wide range of destinations that are perfect for your family vacation. We offer dozens of vacation packages that are exclusive for family travel with different focuses such as teen adventures, multigenerational adventures, private escapes, multi-sport adventures and much more! With 19 destinations on six continents there is a destination that suits every type of family.
Family Vacations
Enjoy relaxing family vacations to sun and fun destinations such as Europe
Take your family on a trip to Europe and explore the cultural delights of Celtic Ireland and the green, lush country side of Kerry or Southern Italy  to explore volcanoes and islands. On our family tours you’ll travel from Naples down the Amalfi Coast and into Sicily where you will taste, smell, and see all that the region has to offer. Or travel to Eastern Europe and the coast of Croatia for a Mediterranean multi-sport adventure complete with zip-lining across the Cetina River and speed boat rides in the Adriatic Sea.
Family Adventures
Take your family on a great adventure enjoy Zip-ling, hiking, biking, in destinations such as..... Latin America & South America
Go to one of our more exotic family vacation destinations in Latin or South America- venture to the mysterious island of Cuba and have a cultural exchange that we’re sure you won’t ever forget, listen to the rhythmic sounds of samba music in Rio de Janeiro after searching for wildlife in the Pantanal jungle of Brazil, hike amongst the iconic ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru, or snorkel around coral reefs and mangrove forests in Panama. Your kids will love visiting the Galapagos Islands where they can swim with sea lions, learn about Charles Darwin and his original expedition to the islands, and hear about the different conservation efforts for the endangered animals that inhabit the islands today. If you and your kids like to be more active you can join one of our multisport adventures in Baja or Costa Rica where you can take surfing lessons, ride horses along the beach, and hike through amazing jungles to play under waterfalls.
Tanzania Family Safari
Have you ever wanted to go on safari? One of our classic family vacations is the family safari in Tanzania. This Eastern African country is a special place with incredible people and amazing wildlife. It’s the only place in the world where you can find the Big 5- lion, elephant, leopard, rhinoceros, and cape buffalo- in their natural habitat. Cruise through Serengeti National Park and seek out these magical creatures for the experience of a lifetime. We also offer safaris in South Africa in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute where you will also have ample opportunity to explore the famous city of Cape Town.
Family Vacation Destinations Filled With History & Culture
You can take your family to experience the traditions, customs, and history of some of the oldest cultures in the world. We will take you to the different corners of Turkey, the pyramids of Egypt, and the wonders of China. These are all fascinating cultures that have helped shape the world we live in today- not to mention that they are all very family friendly! With Thomson Family Adventures you can also take your older teens and kids in their 20s on age appropriate trips to vibrant and exciting Thailand or on an intense expedition through the Canadian Rockies
We are also now giving families the chance to see the world through a different viewpoint from the oceans and waterways of the world. Hop on a small boat for an intimate experience in Alaska.