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Beth O'Donnell
Manager of Service and Operations / Assistant General Manager

I was born in Boston, MA but grew up in Orlando, FL.  My travel life started with several cross country road trips in college, visiting almost the entire continental United States.  After college I moved back to New England - for the weather of course!   After 15 years I still get excited at the first snowfall and do my best to keep Thomson Family Adventures up to date with my weather reports, particularly in the winter.     

Hailing from the hospitality industry I first discovered TFA as a guest on our adventure to Panama. Since beginning work here in 2006 I have been to Egypt, Peru, Galapagos, Thailand, Ireland, Costa Rica, China, and Canadian Rockies.  Someday soon I hope to travel with my two active nephews. I am also expanding on a new found love of running.  My competitive spirit gets me out there, even at the end of a long day, but finding the humor in my slow improvement is what keeps me going!

When you book your adventure with us, I will be your trip preparation advisor for most destinations. I’m here to answer all your pre-departure questions and get your family ready for this trip of a lifetime. Plus my first-hand experience will help set your expectations so there are no surprises.  I also confirm the reservations and details of all adventures with our local partners around the world.

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