Grace Posluszny
Family Travel Advisor - Sales

I live by the motto Everywhere you go becomes a part of you, somehow, which helps explain why a gal living in Boston loves country music as much as I do! Every year while I was growing up, my family would travel, via wood-paneled station wagon, from Buffalo to Austin to visit relatives. The annual road trips are some of my family’s greatest adventures and my introduction to the joys and surprises of traveling. Even now, we reminisce and retell our well-versed stories of the Texas bluebonnets that blanketed the fields, the big, red-sky sunsets that never ended and the longhorn cattle grazing as we drove by. No doubt we listened to country music the entire drive! My love of traveling and adventure continues today. I have been lucky enough to eat tapas in Spain, watch the sunrise at Uluru, hike a glacier in New Zealand, learn the art of spinning alpaca yarn in the Peruvian Andes, marvel at the tall ceilings of the Hagia Sofia and stop to smell the cherry blossoms in Japan. And, of course, I love living in New England and taking advantage of the many adventures in my own backyard.

Every travel experience, whether it’s kayaking the Galapagos, hiking to a lookout point above Machu Picchu or surfing in Baja, will be unlike any other. And it will be yours. I truly look forward to helping you create lasting memories that will become part of your family’s story.


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