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Lisa Aprille
Family Travel Advisor

I grew up just south of Boston, spending many summers in New Hampshire camping in the White Mountains. I attended the University of Massachusetts and received degrees in English, History and Anthropology.  I am also a Graphic Artist and have a degree in Travel Management.

My first adventure out of the country was to Europe at the age of 10 and I have been traveling ever since! Travel is my passion and I have been in the travel industry for over 18 years. I love meeting people and learning about other cultures, their history, experiencing new foods as well as going to museums. I also love adventure travel, enjoy hiking, camping and the beauty of nature. I regularly take my nephews on outdoor adventures exploring nature.

I have driven through Costa Rica, England, Scotland and many states in the USA. Italy, Australia and Costa Rica are some of my favorite places.  One of the most memorable things I have done in my life is excavating Mayan ruins in the jungles of Belize along with howler monkeys, birds, snakes and every manner of insect imaginable.

Since travel is my passion, I enjoy sharing my experiences about other cultures and destinations around the world and nurturing this interest in others. 

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