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Maria DiCenso
Family Travel Advisor - Service

I graduated from Framingham State University with a degree in Marketing not knowing what I exactly wanted to put this toward. I stumbled upon traveling when I met my now fiancé who had a passion in travel that I could only dream of. I took his advice and jumped into the travel industry and opened several doors to freedom and fun! I am half Colombian and had my first international adventure to Colombia when I was a child. I have a natural interest in Latin American culture which has always played a large part in where I choose to travel. Beyond Colombia, I have traveled to Costa Rica and Perú within the Americas and Cuba in the Caribbean. Most recently, I have been to France and Italy for a bit of a different flavor! I love the outdoors, nature, history and most importantly… food! My fiancé and I look to embrace new cultures, eat delicious foods and learn about connecting the past to the present, especially on our next trip to Morocco!

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