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Moo Bishop
Manager of Sales and Alumni Relations

I originated in Cleveland, OH and slowly, in a round-about way, evolved to Boston, MA where I have now lived longer than anywhere else. At a bold and fearless age I first struck out into the world by driving from London to the end of the road in Morocco. I was hooked! Almost 20 years ago I landed in the travel industry by accident, and then moved on to Thomson Family Adventures on purpose.

I love watching my kids, now all (gulp) young adults, become versed in the world as we all explore it together. I’ve discovered our kids are never too old to travel with us as a family! Kayaking in Alaska, climbing in China, trekking in Morocco, sailing in Turkey, hiking in Thailand, on safari in Tanzania we’ve been busy covering the globe. When not off questing I dedicate my work day to caring for our past guests; sometimes I’m even lucky enough to travel with them. I love making sure our alumni are always happy, and that their future adventures are as exceptional as their last.

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