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Na'ama Celine

Travel has been an important part of my life since birth! I was born in Israel and took my first international trip at 1-month old. I moved to the Boston area when I was 4 years old and have been living in Massachusetts ever since. I have been fortunate enough to travel back to Israel to visit family and friends while growing up and it is a large part of my identity. I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2016 with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. I also lived in South Africa for 5 months while at University and fell in love with the beautiful landscape and friendly people. Other places I have travelled to include Italy, Denmark, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and various cities in the US. My next dream travel destination is New Zealand.

I have a passion for learning about other cultures and lifestyles all over the world. I strongly believe that you can learn the most about yourself and life in general when you travel to new places. I look forward to helping travelers get the most out of their experience and immerse themselves in new cultures!

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