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Nick Biblis
Copywriter / Marketing Analyst

I would say I have two passions- writing and travel. I’ve loved writing ever since I can remember and travel, well, that didn’t happen until I was 18 years old and jumped on an opportunity to go to Italy. That trip was the start to a new obsession. After that, I took every chance I could to travel. Whether it was to a new city or new country it didn’t matter- I was hooked. Being out of my comfort zone is where I feel most comfortable. Traveling out in the world and meeting people that have different backgrounds and worldviews than I do is the best education I’ve ever gotten. A professor of mine in Greece told me “I don’t count absences if you’re traveling because you’ll learn more out in the world than you will in any classroom.” I took that advice to heart and have made it my mission to see as many places as I can. Joining TFA was a perfect fit for me because I’m able to combine my two passions and help people realize how awesome it is to travel and how life changing of an experience it can be.   

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