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Rodica Woodbury
Family Expeditions - Service Team

A border is always a temptation...
Travel has been my obsession since I was 7 and discovered a dusty old book titled “Wonders of the Past.” When my family spent a sabbatical year in Rome, my mother would take me to the markets so I could bargain for her with my newly learned Italian. That’s when I first realized that we really can communicate with anyone anywhere—and that we all belong everywhere, together.

I grew up in Boston, fueled my wanderlust during a job with a British travel company, then moved to the West Coast from where I roamed the back roads of the 13 western states with my husband and young daughter, writing stories and taking photos of a disappearing way of life for a small quarterly publication. In the Pacific Northwest I worked in expedition travel, and cruised around Indonesia, the South Pacific, and Southeast Asia. In-between, I explored Europe, Costa Rica, the Baja, and Alaska. When my daughter answered her own to call to New York City, I came full circle, driving back across country to Boston.

I’m thrilled to be a member of the TFA team, sharing the excitement of families who are about to embark on an adventure together. I believe that giving children a sense of place in the world ultimately brings us all closer together—and that crossing borders makes them dissolve.

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