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Dear Thomson Families,

While we're hoping the April showers are over, it seems finally the calls for "I want to travel next week" have abated.  Where are you going on your April vacation? I'll be heading off to "just Florida" myself, because sometimes you just have to visit the grandparents, right? Not to leave the office far behind I will be following us on Twitter - look for FamAdventures and you can follow too!

Read on, and happy adventuring!

Summertime Adventures

Now that everyone finally seems settled on their plans for April, it's time to look ahead a bit to summer. Interested in June? Grab your teens and join families to Costa Rica, where you'll kayak, raft, and surf. Or go to Peru for rafting, hiking, and the mysteries of the Inca. If your children are younger, we have a 10 year old looking for a pal in Panama - it has amazing wildlife, lovely beaches and the Panama Canal!

World Expo: Shanghai

This summer our trip of a lifetime to China also gives you the chance to visit the largest World Expo ever. Running from May 1 - October 31 in Shanghai, visitors will see stunning architecture and the latest in environmental technology. Join in on our China: Great Wall, Guilin and Giant Pandas adventure, and add on a 3 night package in Shanghai with entrance to the Fair for as little as $295 per person. We already have families on board July 24 (teen) and August 7 (teens and even older) - come join them!

Plan Now and Save: 2011 is Around the Corner

2011 is not as far off as you might think. Once again it's the time we're working on getting the facts and figures put together for next year, but it isn't quite done yet. We invite you to take advantage! If you book your 2011 adventure before the new pricing is posted, we'll guarantee our 2010 pricing for next year. You'll have until the end of May to gain savings worth as much as 10%.

Happenings: Our Family Travel Conference

Here in Watertown we're eagerly awaiting our Family Travel Conference in May. We'll be joined in our offices by colleagues from Egypt, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania and China (just to drop a few names) for brainstorming and camaraderie. Back by popular demand is Bowling Night - will Ecuador maintain the championship title? Stay tuned as the results will be published right here! And if you live in the Boston area and think you might like to join us at the lanes, I may just be able to wrangle you an invite.

Meet Our Pal: Barbara Ruttenberg

Barbara has been on four Thomson Family Adventures with her grandchildren. When asked why she likes to travel, Barbara had this to say:
"Travel is one of my passions, and sharing it with my grandchildren makes it extra special. Travel provides a kind of learning that far surpasses what we gain from books or media. We not only learn firsthand about other cultures, but we come home with a different vision of ourselves. When I am standing on the Great Wall of China or staring at Turkey's Hagia Sophia at sunset, I experience a sense of joy and wonder that cannot be replicated any other way. Travel is an amazing tonic for the spirit. The whole idea after the journey is to return home, not just with souvenirs, but as a changed and more conscious human being."

Travel Tips: Nonstop to Costa Rica and Cancellation Insurance

1) Nonstop JFK to San Jose, Costa Rica: This month American Airlines began offering flight #611, a great, nonstop way to get to your adventure faster and with less hassle. Try our Multi-Sport adventure this July or August for a chance to see the green sea turtles nesting on the beach!

2) Trip cancellation insurance: Be sure you always have it! We include it at no additional cost in all of our packages, and for good reason. Each season we see families being reimbursed for travel plans lost or interrupted by broken bones, illness, weather, or worse.

Summit on the Summit with Thomson - Go Clean Water!

Our own Katie Cordes, Kili specialist, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (for the second time) with the group of actors, musicians, and philanthropists who comprised the Summit on the Summit group. This project was created to build awareness of the clean water crisis, and Thomson was proud to guide them to the top. Read Katie's blog post and more here.

Our RIDDLE - and Another Super-Smart Genius Award

You have been promoted to pet detective - From the following clues, you must figure out who is the owner of each pet, and where the pet got lost.
1. A ferret and a parrot are two of the lost pets.
2. The pet lost in the Serengeti is owned by Beth.
3. Nancy does not own a parrot.
4. Aimee's pet was lost in the Galapagos.
5. The hamster was not lost in the Galapagos or in the Amazon.

We'll be drawing a name from a TFA hat in five days; if we draw YOUR name and you've answered correctly, you'll win a Super-Smart Genius Award worth $200 off your next Thomson Family Adventure. Please solve this with your brain power, though you are allowed to consult your very clever children. Cheating is not allowed (and I'll know if you do!).

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Best Regards,

Moo Bishop
Family Travel Advisor- Alumni Services

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