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Dear Thomson Families,

The power of snow! It makes schools close, cities shut down, highways impassable, and families want to plan their getaways.  It's a festive atmosphere at Thomson Family Adventures, working in our flannel and boots. When we can't make it to the office we'll be working from home, with lots of ideas to help you look ahead to better things. I am joining our Baja for Adventurous Families March 12 - come along with me!

Read on, and happy adventuring!

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The 100th anniversary of Machu Picchu and Inti Raymi

South America may seem far away, but with Peru in the Eastern time zone it is so easy to travel to, and recover from once you're home (assuming you're on Eastern time too).

2011 marks a big year for Peru as it marks the centenary of Hiram Bingham's `discovery' of Machu Picchu. Admittedly many knew of its existence before him - but Hiram was the one who brought this to the world. You can read a bit more about this in our blog. This summer will be full of celebration - come join the fun in Peru!

If you join one of our June 18th departures* you'll be in Cusco for Inti Raymi, the Festival of the Sun. This is celebrated at Sacsayhuaman on June 24, with a re-enactment of ancient rituals. Don't worry, the sacrifices are only pretend. Attended by thousands of tourists and Peruvians alike, Inti Raymi is crowded, chaotic, and quite an adventurous event! Our style is to hang back and enjoy lunch with a local family, but we're flexible and will give you a choice. For the cost of the ticket to the show we'll make all the arrangements for you to enjoy the scene - if you dare! *You can choose between our Peru Family Trek, or the luscious Land of the Ancient Inca. Both will take you to famed Machu Picchu and historic Cusco; the Trek involves camping in the mountains, and the Land of the Ancient Inca is all hotel based.

Art and Drawing Safari in Tanzania

The landscape and wildlife of Tanzania present a feast for the eyes. So gather up your sketch pad and watercolors, and join a professional artist for a special family safari. Whether or not you have experience or talent, you'll be inspired to use all of your senses as you discover the wonders of Tanzania. June is sold out, and space is limited on the July 4 departure ...

Traveler Spotlight: Meet Katie from Tennessee

Katie is an extraordinary child (like all of our kids). She was so enamored by her family's safari last March that in her French class she accidently answered in Swahili. When I heard this I knew I wanted to know more. Wait until you hear about her favorite hobby.... Read on!

Who is New in Our Family

Laurie Voto joins our sales team after years of working as a travel agent, and most recently helping celebrities with their worldwide speaking engagements. She ditched all that to join us at Thomson Family Adventures. Laurie loves travel, adventure, and her 16 year old son Ryan - a perfect match for us! Give Laurie a call and she can tell you about how a first sighting of Denali was truly a WOW moment.

Sarah Hafner is working with Beth in our service department, and asks, Would you plan your wedding in one month? Would you drive 22 hours and 1,000 miles in two days for your honeymoon? I would and did for Thomson Family Adventures. A move from Illinois to Massachusetts was the adventure of a lifetime, but I know, with Thomson Family Adventures, there are many more to come!" Sarah is great for a number of reasons, but especially because she is not ruffled by all the snow, sleet and cold we've had so far this winter. Her favorite sign off is MK which took me a long time to figure out is just what it looks like... mmmmmmmmK!

SUPER SMART: This month's is really hard (I think) Get your math brain on

100 measures of bamboo must be divided among 5 pandas, so that the second panda gets as many measures more than the first panda, as the third gets more than the second, as the fourth gets more than the third, and as the fifth gets more than the fourth. The first two pandas shall get seven times less measures of bamboo than the three others.

How many measures of bamboo shall each panda get? (You can have fractional measures)

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