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Dear Thomson Families,

"Everything in life is an adventure if you look at it the right way" - Jan from New York.  Seems the news is all bad... but when we think about what inspires us every day, there's an awful lot to be thankful for.  So we're sharing some of that here with you today and hope you'll send us your viewpoint too.  Facebook , anyone?

Read on, and happy adventuring!

We're #1 AGAIN

For the second year in a row National Geographic Adventures has published their top Adventure Travel Ratings. And for the second year Thomson Family Adventures has been rated #1 for family adventure travel. This designation is made solely on our performance as reported by our traveling families, and we are proud to be named #1 by families like you. No one does it as well as we do!

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Thomson Family Adventures is brand new to the Facebook world... want to help us out? Become a Facebook  fan! We'd love for you to post photos or videos of your Thomson trips, hear what's going on in your life, and for you to participate in the voting on our awesome art contest!

1) Type THOMSON FAMILY ADVENTURES into the search box (remember- no P)
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3) Become a fan!

Whether you are staying home or traveling the world, we want to know what excites YOU in 2009. So keep in touch.

WHERE do you want to go?

Survey says: you want Thomson to run adventures to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Russia and South Africa. So- which destination's Beta Team do you most want to join for summer 2009? Email me and let me know which destinations you're interested in testing!

Can we suggest you come with us to draw and paint in Costa Rica? We have the coolest artist to 'show us the ropes' (and you'll get to zip line too!).

Or maybe take your teens to Tanzania with its seemingly endless stream of wildlife, to hang with the Maasai, trek on Mt Meru, volunteer in a village and explore out in the bush!

Your money's SECURE with Thomson

When you book an adventure with us all of your payments go towards your travel expenses only. We don't spend it on our electric bill or other operating costs not related to your family's adventure. It is the safest way to do business, and one of the most important reasons you do not have to worry about the stability of Thomson Family Adventures.

Things that make us CHEER

Anna from Georgia went to Peru and had the good luck to see this baby llama being born at Machu Picchu on Christmas Eve. Her parents said, "You guys really know how to organize a trip for kids!"

Laney from Colorado had tons of fun meeting her penpal and singing with the Maasai in Tanzania in December.

Isaac from Massachusetts loved playing basketball with the Embera kids while visiting Panama with his whole family.

Nancy is so grateful for her fabulous new boots - they make slogging through our tons of snow a breeze.

Our old pal Kerry continues her own brand of  'family adventure' with her twins, Tommy and Cole. The family had a great adventure in Fiji, and now Kerry wants us to create a Thomson Adventure in the South Pacific...

General manager Jim and his wife, Kim, are thrilled with all the snow in Boston this winter. It has allowed their sons, Christian and Joshua, to learn to ski and snowboard (just down the road!) and to cross-country ski to their hearts' desire, too!

Keith and his wife, Jen, are looking forward to welcoming the newest member of their family in March! Jen is pregnant with their first child and the office has been having fun betting on dates in their baby pool.

We are excited about the recent inauguration and being witness to this great moment in history. We love that Republicans and Democrats alike feel how momentous and inspiring it is. Even Jessie can sense the crackle of anticipation in the air!

Our RIDDLE: can you solve it?

"Daniel, my son, is exactly one fifth of my age. In twenty-one years time, I will be exactly twice his age. My wife is exactly seven times older than my daughter, Jessica. In eight years time, my wife will be three times older then Jessica. How old are Daniel and Jessica now?"

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Best Regards,

Moo Bishop
Family Travel Advisor- Alumni Services

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