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Dear Thomson Families,

Hello fellow adventurers!  Thanksgiving is so much fun that we’re extending it by continuing to focus on things we appreciate. It’s a long list when you think about it. What are you glad to have in your life?

Read on, and happy adventuring!

Great Quote

"As I tell my husband, we are investing in memories, certainly a better place than the stock market right now."
-Wise words from Ellen in IL

Let’s Talk Turkey...

Having had a great Thanksgiving with lots of good food, I am left thinking about, well, Turkey. So let me take a moment to remind you that my three kids have all rated our Turkey adventure as one of the top three events in their entire lives. History, food, culture, hiking, swimming... exotic yet familiar... beautiful beyond words! Many of our families would agree, this is a wonderful hidden gem of an adventure. Last summer more of our families went to Turkey than ever before. Is next year your turn?

Housekeeping and Egyptian pyramids

Sometimes I think that having to keep track of so many things, material and otherwise, is the biggest challenge we all face. And as parents, well, we’re always trying to keep track of the kids and their stuff, too. So it really kind of made me feel GOOD when I read that Egypt just found a PYRAMID. That, somehow, over the last 4,300 years, they just completely lost track of a monument. Egypt’s antiquities chief Zahi Hawass said, "There was so much sand dumped here that no one had any idea there was something buried underneath." Kind of like our kids’ rooms, yes? I am hard pressed to make the connection myself, but maybe if we take our kids to see the pyramids in Egypt they’ll appreciate the value of picking up their room... there’s something I’d be grateful for.

10% off Costa Rica for spring

Want to go to a really cool place for your break in February, March, or April? Costa Rica is as cool - yet as warm - as it gets, with steamy rainforests full of interesting creatures and warm surf at the beaches. Spring is a perfect time to go! So pack up your bathing suit and adventure gear and get ready for some easy family fun you’ll all remember for the rest of your lives.
Book by December 31, 2008, for 10% off the land cost (not the local flights) of any multi-sport adventure or teen adventure for February, March or April 2009. Check out our Costa Rica adventures!

Gaston remembers Y2K

We are still all about celebrating our anniversary; how fantastic is it that we started this trend 10 years ago!? It has been a lot of fun talking with some of the families that first traveled with us. We uncovered a great story from the Millennium (remember Y2K?). Not only did our guide Gaston remember it but, the families corroborated. From Gaston’s perspective:

"My first group with Thomson was traveling over New Year's eve 1999-2000. We had planned a big celebration, but the restaurant changed the menu without consulting us and there were no child-friendly options. We decided that we would have our own barbeque celebration on the beach instead. So Minor, our driver, and Shawn, an 18 year old in the group (who had just started studying to become a chef), and I all put our heads together. There were no supermarkets in the area, so we bought shrimp from a delivery truck and got thirty-two lobster tails from lobster fishermen. We also got a big red snapper and made macaroni and cheese for the youngest ones. Shawn made a wonderful salad out of avocado, heart of palm, lettuce and tomato. The barbeque was wonderful, and our guests welcomed in the new millenium on the beach with a view of the fireworks and fresh seafood, champagne and great friends."

The end of this story 9 years later is even better: Shawn is still working as a chef, and Gaston and Minor both grew to be amongst our most beloved Thomson representatives in their native Costa Rica. We are proud to have them on our family adventures to this day.

The Riddle:

This is one of my favorites because even though I know the answer it STILL makes me think hard. Three people stop at a roadside stand in Costa Rica. They pay $30 to the vendor for many, many Pejibaye (have you ever eaten Pejibaye, also known as Palm Fruit??), then return to their van. The local farmer suddenly realizes they paid too much, and gives $5 to the driver to return to the people. The driver reasons that $5 would be difficult to share among three people, so he pockets $2 and gives $1 to each person. (This driver does not work for Thomson Family Adventures!)

Now each person paid $10 and got back $1. So they paid $9 each, totaling $27. The driver has $2, totaling $29. Where is the missing $1?

What’s your opinion...?

We consider ourselves the Family Travel Experts - after all, we have spent more time thinking about and implementing family adventures than anyone else in the business. Though we can’t be experts about every destination, we certainly have a wide repertoire of colleagues around the world. We trust them with our own families, and we’d trust them with yours. Since we know a lot more than just what you see in our brochure, we’d like to be a bigger resource for you. Would you turn to us for advice about adventures to destinations other than the ones we offer? How can we help you?

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Best Regards,

Moo Bishop
Family Travel Advisor- Alumni Services

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