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Dear Thomson Families,

Happy Canada Day! Happy Fourth of July! Happy Bastille Day!  This month we thought it would be fun to share some travel stories – we are such a diverse group of lifestyle and interests and we regularly share funny and touching travel memories with each other through our work day. Now we’re writing them down! We’d love to hear your stories too – just send them along. Safe holidays everyone.

Read on, and happy adventuring!

Welcome to Grace

Many heartfelt welcomes to our newest team member Grace Posluszny! Grace hails first from the flat land of Grand Island, NY then on to the rolling hills of central Massachusetts, and after the requisite travel and adventure has joined us here in Watertown MA. Give her a call to say hi – but don’t worry about her last name, she’s the only Grace here.

Congratulations to Thomson Safaris

Congratulations to Thomson Safaris! Many cheers for our sister company for being awarded one of the top safari outfitters in the world by Travel and Leisure. Lucky for you, all of our families travel with Thomson.

Belize in December

If you have children 10 and older and have been thinking about Belize, call us quickly to see if we can add you to our December 26 – Jan 4th adventure.

Joe’s Story

Almost exactly a year ago today, I was on a trip to Ireland with my aunt, uncle and cousins, visiting our Irish relatives and staying in the house we recently built on the farm my grandfather grew up on in County Limerick. The Irish are a famously warm and hospitable people, particularly when they’re your relatives, so the trip went as expected; we were welcomed with open arms and spent much of our time stopping off at various houses in the area to be served infinity cups of tea and a constant supply of farm-fresh, homemade food. Our first night in Ireland was the 4th of July, and we went over to the rural home of my father’s cousin Brida and her husband Noel in County Cork for dinner. They always make a big deal when the “Yanks” come over and are sure to have everything just right, but this time they went out of their way to acknowledge the celebration of our independence; as we pulled into the driveway, those characteristic rolling hills sprawling behind the house as far as the eye could see, we realized that they had lined the long path to the front door with miniature American flags. It was a simple gesture that meant the world to me as a proud American, and I know that image will be with me forever as a representation of their loving support.

Moo’s Story

Many years ago I took all three of my kids off to Turkey. Really, I didn’t know much about Turkey which is one of my favorite ways to travel – let everything be a wonderful surprise (you can afford to do this when you’re sure knowledgeable people have organized it!). Our first views of the Bosphorus and the Blue Mosque from our hotel’s rooftop restaurant were breathtaking, and we were in love. I loved the tiny winding streets of Istanbul, full of pleasant rug salesmen wanting to know how many camels I wanted for my daughter (they were kidding. I think.) But my favorite day was stepping off of our sailboat and beginning a climb up through hills of fragrant grasses and scattered ruins, white puffy clouds over head. At the top were views I could not imagine. It was hot but glorious as we began our descent down the other side, and just when I thought I couldn’t do another step we plunged into the cool Mediterranean and enjoyed a short swim back to our gulet. I wish we could do this again and again, and so do my kids. (Just so I don’t feel left out, it is possible this was near the 4th of July…)

Grace’s Story

In the summer of 2006, I was on my fifth month of backpacking through Australia and had made my way on a Greyhound bus from Sydney to Airlie Beach for a three-day cruise of the Whitsunday Islands. Glancing at my itinerary, I noticed that I would be on a small catamaran, sailing through the islands, on the fourth of July. A sudden, unexpected bout of homesickness hit me as I realized I would be missing out on the fireworks, barbecues, lawn games, friends and family that accompany the holiday. Nevertheless, I embarked on my voyage, hoping seasickness would stay at bay; I could not have handled both homesickness and seasickness at the same time! As my fellow travelers introduced themselves, I found a fellow American on my boat. Realizing that he, too, was experiencing this strange “between” feeling, we decided to acknowledge the holiday in our own way. So, we raised our glasses at sunset on the Fourth to send good wishes to the States. Although we didn’t have fireworks, we had made new friends and had the chance to celebrate living life and embracing adventure!

Nicole’s Story

Morocco is one of those places that will always live on in my memory. It’s a complete sensory experience; the smell of exotic spices, fabrics of every color and texture imaginable, and the warmth of the people is palpable. I went to Morocco with my family for the first time when I was around 9 years old, and it’s still fresh in my mind today. During lunch on one of our last days we arrived at the home of a friend, every surface piled high with traditional artifacts and decorations, like those fabulous metal lanterns with the candles inside (which still influence my interior design!). Admiring the spread of food our friends had laid out for us, I jumped at the chance to have the chicken pot pie. I may have been halfway around the world, but I was 9, after all. I took my first bite of the delicious pie, the warm flaky crust melting into the tender, creamy filling. Only then, when I praised the chef on one of the most delicious pot pies I’d ever eaten, was I told that it wasn’t chicken…it was pigeon! It’s moments like these, when you branch out of your comfort zone and experience something local, unique, and authentic, that are the most memorable parts of travel. For me, that pot pie wasn’t just a delicious dinner, it was a realization that there was a whole world of food—and of experience—that I had always been too nervous to try just because it wasn’t familiar! Now, I don’t recommend running out into the street and catching a pigeon to replicate this dish. But, if you’re thinking of going to Morocco, give it a try. Just maybe wait until after the first bite to tell your 9-year-old what she’s eating!

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