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Dear Thomson Alumni,

Spring greetings! Here’s a chance for you to take a minute and have some fun;
maybe even save some money!

Your Best Story: What does a 14 year old remember from Portugal?
Some special offers just for alums: 10% off for our alumni – explore and save!
News from Thomson: What we’re up to in our Watertown, MA office.
One Fun Family Riddle: Join up with the kids and think outside the box.
Tell us what you think: Complete our survey for a $500 credit towards future travel!

Read on, and happy adventuring!

Your Best Story:

Our friend Sam from Tennessee has been traveling with Thomson since she was 6; now she’s 14 and headed off on her 8th Thomson Family Adventure in June. About her 7th trip she writes: “I found Portugal to be a fantastic country of beaches, palaces, cathedrals, and stairs. Yes... stairs. One of the first places we visited was the Regaliera Palace in Sintra, and it was filled with staircases! Some were very narrow and steep, while others wound around towers that let you look over the entire city. One staircase led to the roof, and another took us to a room with mirrored floors. There was even a massive staircase bringing us to an underground area where it is said you leave as a new person. The stairs at Obidos were lined with beautiful flowers, while the old, mossy stairs in the village on top of Lousã Mountain were fascinating in their own way. Each staircase I ascended led me to another breathtaking and unusual Portuguese sight!

"The last full day we spent in Portugal was perhaps the most exciting. After our bike ride, the Amarante Water Park was absolutely perfect! We sprinted up the stairs again and again to whiz down the many waterslides. Some twisted and turned while others simply zipped you down really fast. Taking a break from zooming down waterslides, we visited the park's snack bar. After reviewing our lunch options, many of us chose an item called a Tosta Misto. When the smiling Portuguese woman handed us our lunches, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we had received grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Maybe I was extra hungry from my day of sliding, but they were truly the best I had ever tasted. So next time you're at the Amarante Water Park, you MUST order a Tosta Misto (with orange Fanta, of course)!”

Some special offers just for alums:

No plans yet this summer? We have a few unique situations where we can offer our alumni a discount of $1000 per adult and $500 per child for Alaska, and 10% off of our current prices for Portugal and Turkey. Last year’s offers sold out in hours, so call now to book before it’s too late! 800-262-6255

PORTUGAL June 14 – 22: This tiny country once ruled the world and now holds many stories in its castles and villages. In a perfect, mild climate we hike and kayak, and sleep in 5-star Relais & Chateaux properties. Your guide will have you singing traditional Fado songs in no time!

TURKEY August 9 – 24: Hidden Roman ruins, history, mouthwatering food, hiking through fragrant fields, and smooth sailing in the Mediterranean – this adventure has something for everyone. (My kids say it’s the best.)

ALASKA June 21 – 28: The best wildlife in the most remote area you might ever see. Sleep on-board a tiny expedition boat; spend your days exploring by kayak and on foot, surrounded by breaching whales, paddling otters, slumbering bears and icy blue glaciers. This discount is open to everyone, so tell your friends!

News from Thomson:

We’re always moving and shaking… Since we last checked in:

Nancy went scouting to Panama, Egypt and Jordan and Turkey, too; she came home with vivid photos, expansive knowledge – and a rug!

I (Moo) first fell in love with everything Portuguese, and then challenged my kids with a trek in Morocco and one for me alone in Peru. My knees are still telling me how much harder down is than up.

Beth went to Costa Rica for Easter, Ecuador to snorkel with sea lions and Peru for winter solstice.

Aimee is our receptionist, our right arm and our savoir when there are more jobs than people to do them! Say hello to her next time you call.

Welcome to Keith, our newest Family Travel Advisor. He has years of experience in travel, most recently planning tours to Ireland. He definitely brings a kind of leprechaun twinkle to work every day and we appreciate his great humor. Recently returned from his honeymoon in Costa Rica, he is just beginning a long life full of family adventures!

Kerry is home enjoying her 6 month old identical twin boys (talk about a “family adventure”)!

We are tying up the loose ends on our new website – keep your eyes peeled as it goes online later this month (thank you Ben!).

Beth in Costa Rica

Kerry and Family

A Family Riddle:

One of the best things I learned on a Thomson adventure is how much fun it is to work on riddles. Present it in the morning, mull it over all day, share your ideas over dinner; my kids love it too. Here’s one for you to think about – feel free to call me with the answer!

There are seven tiles (Portuguese, no doubt) that all look exactly the same. Six are identical in weight; only one is heavier. Using a balance scale, what is the least number of steps required to find the heavy tile? What is your process?

Tell us what you think:

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Moo Bishop
Family Travel Advisor for Alumni

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