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Dear Thomson Families,

Goodbye to May, the month best known for May Flowers and Mother's Day.  We're coming up for air after our dynamic Family Travel Conference which took place May 18-20 here in our Watertown, Mass office. We were joined by colleagues from China, Egypt, Costa Rica, Tanzania, Ecuador, Peru and more for brainstorming and fun. We have countless brilliant new ideas, but can't tell you yet. Our farewell bowling tournament was a hit, and we think Gayle, Sam and Joe - one of our local families - wrestled the championship from Ecuador. We're all making plans to practice up for the next time. See you at the lanes!

Read on, and happy adventuring!

Local Fun: Boston

If you live in the area, or plan on visiting, we have some family fun tips for you. Likewise, let us know what's fun for families visiting your home town, as we'd like to share those, too. The Mayans were a fascinating bunch, and we'd be glad for you to travel to Belize with us to see some of their amazing architecture. Or, you can pop over to the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, Mass and see the acclaimed exhibit Fiery Pool: Maya and the Mythic Sea (Fort Worth and St. Louis stay tuned; this exhibit comes to you later this summer).

Keep Planning and Keep Saving

It's not always easy to decide where to travel to next year, so we've extended our early booking special until June 30th. This gives you four more weeks to plan for and book your 2011 adventure at 2010 prices. Start now, and let us help you find the perfect thing for your trip of a lifetime.

New Baby, New Puppy

Congratulations to Thomson Safaris' Project Manager Jeremy O'Kasick and his wife, Happiness Mwamasika, who welcomed Baby Moses on May 9th, Mother's Day. What better way to celebrate family! We're looking forward to welcoming Little Mo into the office when he is a bit bigger, and we're already crafting just the right itinerary for his first family adventure. Before we know it he'll be singing in Swahili.

And welcome to Nancy's puppy Atticus, who enjoyed his debut with Thomson at our Family Travel Conference. We were mesmerized us with his antics for far longer than we're willing to admit... will the video go viral on YouTube? Let's just say his adorableness makes up for what a handful he is!

Top Ten Reasons to Go to Portugal

Did you know Portugal used to rule the world? Now it's a sleepy little country off the beaten path, which frankly makes its vast history even more fascinating. Here are the reasons we think this was one of the coolest places we've ever been:
10: The climate is perfect. Summers along coastal Portugal are warm and breezy - not hot and humid like its inland cousins.
9: Treats. You may have enjoyed a pastry or two in your life, but you have not lived until you have consumed a warm Portuguese Pasteis de Nata. Maybe even two.
8: Learn to sing fado. Perhaps you can start with "Uma Casa Portuguesa" by Amalia Rodrigues, Portugal's beloved Queen of Fado.
Click here to visit our blog and read the other reasons we love Portugal.

A Story Out of the Ashes, Literally

One of the travel agents we work with is Gayle Botti from Let's Travel in Santa Monica, California. She specializes in unusual travel, and clearly took that to heart when she and her grandson joined our Egypt: Valley of the Nile adventure in April. You know, right when Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano decided to spew its ash... Well, Gayle's adventure turned out to not be quite what they'd expected. But thanks to our included trip cancellation insurance and the hard work, flexibility and commitment of our colleagues in Egypt, she and her grandson Matthew gained much more than they lost. You can read her full report by visiting our blog.

Our RIDDLE - and Another Super-Smart Genius Award

In my daughter's stamp collection, she has six orange stamps and three yellow ones. Seven stamps are from Costa Rica and six stamps are from Turkey. One stamp is blue and it is not from Costa Rica or Turkey. Two of her Costa Rican stamps are orange and one is yellow. Two of her Turkish stamps are yellow and three are orange. How many stamps does she have?

We'll be drawing a name from a TFA hat in five days; if we draw YOUR name and you've answered correctly, you'll win a Super-Smart Genius Award worth $200 off your next Thomson Family Adventure. Please solve this with your brain power, though you are allowed to consult your very clever children. Cheating is not allowed (and I'll know if you do!).

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Best Regards,

Moo Bishop
Family Travel Advisor- Alumni Services

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