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Dear Thomson Families,

Celebrate summer time!  What are you growing? Who is coming home? Where are you going? I am lucky enough to have my 3 kids nearby all summer, hopefully with enough time to keep our lawn mowed. These months are the fastest of the year, so embrace them and enjoy to the fullest, whether you are traveling or settling into your own back yard.

Read on, and happy adventuring!

Still thinking of a summer adventure?

We know there are still a few of you late bloomers out there, so we thought we’d mention that we planned ahead for you. On June 23 we have two different multi-sport options: In Costa Rica join a teenaged boy for zip lining, rafting, kayaking, and surfing. In Ecuador and the Galapagos, join a teenaged girl—and our very own Nicole too!—for horseback riding, hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, and some rustic camping in the islands. We have space for Thailand June 10 or July 8 (come see monks, elephants and rice paddies), and Turkey July 14 (hiking, history, lunar landscape and the Mediterranean). I think we're holding the very last cabins available this summer to Alaska July 7 and August 18. See those whales and icebergs up close from your kayak or stand up paddle board, smoothly launched from your small ship. Or join a Baja Surfari June 24 and learn to tame the waves under the Mexican sun!

The Amazing Kenedy

Kenedy is a 7th grader is Texas who has inspired so many people with her strength and kindness even through her own challenges. She used her memories of her family trip to Panama to create a lovely piece of art now featured in the Children’s Cancer Fund Inspiration Book for 2012. To see her butterfly, and link to a great video of Kenedy click here.

2013 for Less!

Now that we’re clear the Mayan calendar continues on past 2012, people are planning ahead! Confirm your 2013 adventure before the end of June 2012 and we’ll guarantee our 2012 price for any scheduled trip. We’re working on our dates behind the scenes, and you can be sure we have the right one for you. What's already hot and selling out for 2013? China, Tanzania and Costa Rica. Plan early, save big.

Villa Life:

Are you looking for a unique, personal, private adventure that offers a lot without having to pack and unpack? Don’t let everyone else cramp your style or nab those resources right out from under you. Need ideas? We have a fabulous villa for you in Costa Rica where you can all be together but still be cared for, with guide and daily adventures included. We even have stay-put options in Turkey, with day trips to Roman ruins, beaches and remote vistas. If you are thinking about all being together in 2013, grab the best availability now.

December 2012!

Yes, we have room for you, including some special things we’re holding on the side for your private family reunion. Like Panama, a great destination for all generations to feel enthralled, with its luscious plants, beautiful birds, abundant wildlife, and gorgeous beaches—plus a unique native culture and the history of the Panama Canal. So much to learn about!

Our RIDDLE - and another Super-Smart Genius Award

You are on your way to visit your pen pal in Peru, and you’ve decided to enjoy the hike (since Peru is perfect for hiking!) Between the trail head and your pen pal’s school you have to pass through 7 villages. Since this is Peru, every village has a bunch of kids who love to play soccer. They won’t let you pass without handing over half of the soccer balls you have with you! But then they feel bad and give you just one ball back.

How many soccer balls do you need to have with you to be sure you still have two to leave at your pen pal’s school?

We'll be drawing a name from a TFA hat in five days. If we draw YOUR name and you've answered correctly, you'll win a Super-Smart Genius Award worth $200 off your next Thomson Family Adventure. Please solve this with your brain power, though you are allowed to consult your very clever children. Cheating is not allowed (and I'll know if you do!).


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Best Regards,

Moo Bishop
Family Travel Advisor- Alumni Services

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