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Families with Millennials

As a parent you always treat your children as your ‘kids’. If you’re a Millennial** you’re fondly shaking your head, rolling your eyes, and tolerating your parents’ view. You know you’re an adult – and don’t worry, eventually the ‘rents will get it too.

As a parent you used to be the young hip travelers. As a Millennial you are those travelers. You can still meet in the middle!

Welcome to our new adventures for Families with Millennials , big ideas in travel designed to be sophisticated, engaging, and right for Millennials and their parents. Activities that can be enjoyed by both age groups, sometimes to differing degrees. Experiences that will help both generations see each other in a new light. Memories from places seen and shared together for the first time– and to be talked about for the years to come. (you understand the next step is taking the grandkids…)

Mom and Dad, you love your sons and daughters and always want more time to be with them, even if you have to pay for it.  Grown up sons and daughters, you love your parents but your adult life is beginning to draw you away. As it should! But how fabulous to have healthy active parents with resources to give you a lifetime legacy of an exceptional family adventure – as adults.

This is not a grey haired bus tour. This is sharp, smart, and hip. Come join other Millennials and their parents too (See? Company for everyone!) for yet another Adventure of a Lifetime.

**Millennial:  the latest generation of young adults, born between 1982 and 1994, and now aged 22 - 34. For the parents who don’t already know.

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  • Glamping on a private island

  • Snorkel with Sea Lions

  • Spend a night out in Todos Santos

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  • Set sail on a private catamaran

  • Explore night markets

  • Hike through the mountains of Chiang Mai

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  • Join a San Jose Pub Crawl 

  • White Water Raft the Balsa River

  • Hike to the Rio Celeste Waterfall